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Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
. lisa? >> the big winner was napa at 17 degrees this morning. the old record was 26. san rafael broke a record at 30. san francisco and oakland, livermore, not quite. it was 29. matt talked about san jose gilroy was down into the low 20's. certainly a frosty frosty morning. we will do it one more night. temperatures will be in the 20's if some spots but i don't think we will see the teens again so as a result the national weather service has extended the freeze warning until 9:00 tomorrow morning with freezing temperatures except for san francisco and to add more into this scenario we are talking about a cold snowy mix headed our way tomorrow with details on that in a few minutes. >> this morning, a lot of folks had trouble getting out of bed. in walnut creek the temperatures were in the 20's. some commuters say just getting to bart was tough. >> i live four blocks away and it was a miserable walk here especially lately. we need some rain. i want it to know. precipitation would be nice. other than that, all good. one person said she was bundled up with four layers of clothes and still
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
in an emergency homeless shelter at the napa county fairgrounds. frigid temperatures are deadly for those sleeping outside. the coroner is trying to determine if cold weather killed a man found dead in dublin. so for, four deaths in santa clara county are being blamed on cold weather during the past two weeks. >> our meteorologist has more on the cold including a record. >> specifically, in san jose dropping down to 25, beating the old mark of 26 in 1972, 41 years ago. 32 in livermore, 33 in concord and a breeze in the east bay so temperatures were not is cold. the winds in concord are around 20 or 25 miles per hour. it will be brisk today. 19 in santa rosa and napa and novato and 37 in san francisco, and 30 in oakland and cupertino is 26 and we dropped to freezing at half moon bay at 32 and everyone but san francisco, freeze warning 10:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning and lake county, you have a hard freeze with temperatures around 21 to 27 degrees. there is a reminder watching trend in the forecast coming up. kristen? >> stay on top of the cold weather with our weather app with severe we
Dec 4, 2013 11:00am PST
conditions 61 limited visibility. any heat was gone. this is a happened: 27 in napa and novato and dan victim and 29 in concord, and 26 in santa rosa and 27 in walnut creek and san jose was closed at 34 for the freezing tonight and saratoga was 30. 25 in fremont. 35 in hayward. 37 in mountain view and san mateo. oakland at 36. tonight, all of us except san francisco under a freeze warning. look what time it starts, it could drop below 32 by 9:00 lasting through 9:00 tomorrow. the pets, plants and yourself: take care and stay warm during that timeframe. >> the cold snap is causing some unusual sights along the bay area especially in the south bay and peninsula which is normally temperate. now to the santa clara bart station. chilly on the platforms, matt? >> yes, people taking public transportation this morning such as caltrain had to bundle up. it was 31 degrees in santa clara and it is still chilly at 46 right now as the cold snap takes a bite out of the pay area. >> frosty is popular christmas character and a good description of the weather conditions for people waking up on the peninsula.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3